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Gender difference Essay

For a long time there has been a gender difference between men and women in life and social environment. Women have been fighting for equality rights and fair treatment and it has almost been achieved. Even though there are more opportunities today there is still prejudice and partially, it comes from the fact that men and women are different not only biologically but mentally as well. Gender plays a differential role in society and communication which is needed to attain certain results.


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The main difference comes from the understanding and thinking of each gender. For the most part, to say generally, men are more power hungry and demand to be in a position of authority. This has come from a long history of male domination and men have gotten used to being in control and charge. Also, men are more focused on finding out the neutral and clear cut facts about something which leads them to being more direct and assertive.

Women use a much different technique in achieving their goals, as it stems from better insight into the matter of things. Because women were segregated for such a long time and were prevented from taking up higher and more prominent positions, they have developed a unique method of reaching their goal and it is not the same as men’s. Women tend to center on the person, deeper insight into the context and personality of the speaker and the general situation.

This allows for better qualitative analysis of information, linking it to the individual presenting the facts. Of course, it would be unwise to conclude that all men and women exhibit these qualities, as there are women who want to have all the authority and men who have profound insight but the standard for the majority is upheld by existing evidence.

There is a supposition that women are better at communicating than men. In reality, it is difficult to say because every individual has their unique technique in the interaction with other people. It could be assumed that women are better because they were environmentally forced to be better communicators.

Since they could not wage wars and overpower men, they had to develop skills that are different from forceful overtake of power. This would develop language and thinking skills. But the modern times have made gender differences less noticeable with men being great negotiators and women strong fighters.

It could be said that both genders have become equal in their communication and sense of direction. The present times have brought many changes to the social construction of genders and the way the separation is viewed. Often, the media abuses the roles of men and women, focusing on the sexuality and criteria that define and separate men and women. One of the oldest gender constructions came from the functioning of the family.


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Women were thought to have a role of homeowners, raising children and taking care of any home or farm matters. Men were hunters and centered their life on providing for the family. This separation is a historical construct that has been enforced through segregation and unequal treatment of women.

Even though the world has greatly changed, the separation is still noticeable through social roles and duties. The majority of positions of power are still held by men, depriving women of a chance to demonstrate their strengths.

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