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God Overreact and Floods the world by Alan Dershowitz Essay (Critical Writing)

This article creates a shocking and compelling impression after reading it, and conceptualizing the claims of the author. Dershowitz has developed a clear and critical view on the story of the flood in the Bible.


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Through his compelling writing ability, the author has developed a very clear picture highlighting the imperfections of God in the Beginning. This outlook on God’s character is frightening because it makes the reader feel like the author is openly criticizing the power of God. Dershowitz openly claims that God may not have been perfect in the beginning.

The author compares the Supreme-being with the rest of the humans with reference to the ability of assuming evil deeds. Dershowitz’s interpretation of the story of the flood is quite impressive from a critical point of view because he does not leave any room for propagated bias. He looks deep into the various analogies that various people have developed over the centuries with relation to story.

Dershowitz does not hesitate to negate or approve the various interpretations of the story by theology professors. His interpretation revolves around a literal and inner meaning of the story of the flood story. It is quite easy for the reader to identify with the logic presented by the author in the story.

Dershowitz’s comparison of the story of the floods in the Bible with the issues in the world has helped in the creation of a mental picture about his claims and sentiments about the action done by God. Unlike most people, Dershowitz does not hold back in the criticizing of God’s actions as revealed into the story. He examines each analogy and presents valid arguments that spark deeper thoughts about the controversial decisions made by God.

For the better part of the article, Dershowitz has criticized the Bible in a very fair manner. He not only gives credit to the generally accepted interpretations of this story in the Bible, but he also acknowledges the power of God. One may think that the author is too harsh in his criticism of God’s actions, but he has done it in the fairest manner possible.

First, he acknowledges that God was the creator of the people and animals that he would later destroy. He also acknowledges that God has the power to do whatever he wants. His main concern is about the justice part that defines the character of God. Based on his sentiments about the flood, it is clear that he believes that God made a mistake, and tried to cover for it by making promises to Noah.


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Only a biased reader would find the article violating to the Bible. It is a common thing for people to read verses or chapters in the bible, and interpret them according to how they want the stories to mean. The Bible is open to translations that are constructive.

In Dershowitz’s article, he escapes this biased approach in interpreting the Bible and assumes a critical view, which portrays curiosity in defining the character of God. It is quite easy to share his sentiments because he has presented his argument in a concise and believable way. Indeed, if Dershowitz’s sentiments are real, God may have overreacted in His actions in the story of the floods. This may offend many Christians, but the logic in the critique of the story is too compelling to ignore.

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