Gun Tec

GT-640 mikro

Thermal vision device

 GT-640 micro

World smallest hight-resolution thermal imaging device!


This ultra compact handheld device is unparalleled in weight and dimensions and consists of a thermal core with 640×480 pixel resolution, a high end computer, an OLED display of 800×600 pixel resolution and the radio interface to transmit pictures, graphic and text information.

The device dimensions are 87.2 mm in length, 44.5 mm in width, and 28 mm in height. Its weight is max. 100 g. The state-of-art components and ingenious solutions are used in the micro thermal imaging device. 

Distinctive features

Significantly smaller dimensions in comparison with existing analogues

It is highly competitive with “standard” size thermal imaging devices in surveillance and identification solutions

State-of-art components and unique solutions are used

Fine parameter adjustment: contrast, colour, detail enhancement, AGC algorithm 

Wireless control, transmission of pictures, graphical and text information via 2.4 GHz radio interface

Convenient zoom: x2, x4, x8

It fits comfortably into a patch pocket

Optional capabilities

The micro thermal imaging device is intended for convenient detection, observation and identification of endothermic objects.

This ultra small-sized device opens up new opportunities for:

Fire fighting divisions

Rescue teams

Special forces 

A special hand-free mounting bracket was designed for IWT 640 MICRO – a lightweight front mount (“in front of an eye”) with active headphones.