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Clip-on thermal imaging device


D-336 GT Distinctive features





The Dedal-336 GT is our newest and powerful multifunctional thermal vision device intended for supervision over objects having thermal radiation under any conditions of illumination (day, night, twilight), including under any weather conditions (rain, fog, snowfall, etc.).

The principle of the device operation is based on transformation of infrared radiation from objects of supervision and its representation in a look, convenient for perception. Also there is a possibility of changing of the color schemes of the image processing – “the hot black”, “the hot white”, “sepia”, “the hot red”, you can choose between seven different varieties!

Dedal-336 GT Multi-functionality: the sight can be used as a Thermal vision clip-on attachment for a daytime scope and as a Thermal vision observation device.




  • Installation in front of a daytime scope does not affect the latter’s zeroing.
  • All features of the daytime scope remain the same
  • Modern high quality infrared sensor made by FLIR Systems Inc. (USA)
  • Spectral sensitivity in 8-14 microns range
  • Internal focusing system that perfectly keeps the point of aim
  •  Automatic calibration system of the shuttered sensor
  •  Special germanium fast optics
  • Large diameter of exit pupil
  • High image quality through the entire field of view
  • Easy, intuitive operability
  • Hermetically sealed and shockproof
  •  Compact and lightweight
  • Low power consumption
  • 2 years warranty



+ Wildlife viewing and hunting

+ Day/ Night surveillance

+ Patrol / Search and Rescue/ Law enforcement

+ Police/ Security/ Medic- and Rescue services

+ Photo / video recordings


Attention !

For technical safety reasons, the device will be set to the observering mode again after switching off.


                                                                     Basic specifications


Thermal core
Rate, Hz 25
FPA formats, pixels 336×256
Thermal imager type Uncooled bolometer (FPA)
Pixel pitch 17 μ
Spectral band from 8 to 14
Sensitivity <50 mK while f/1.0
Calibration principle Shuttered
Objektiv Lens
Focus distance 50mm F/1,2
Manual focusing range from 20 m до ∞
Optical magnification in “clip-on” mode 1.0x
Optical magnification in “sight” mode 2x,4x,8x
Field of view, o 6.5 x 5.0
Resolution 800 х 600 pixels
Eye relief, mm 50
Diopter adjustment range From -3 to +3
Power Supply
Battery type CR123
Number of  batteries  2
Voltage, VDC  6
  Physical Characteristics
Dimensions, mm (LxWxH) 250x70x79
Weight, grams 620
Environmental Characteristics
Operating temperature, oCelsius From – 40 to +50
Humidity, % From 0 to 98
Time of continuous operation under

T=20 oC, hours