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Night Vision

Dedal-NVS is the leading manufacturer of night vision technology. The capabilities of JCS Dedal-NVS enable you and the authorities in different countries to deliver their products and meet the high requirements of hunters, sportsmen, tourists and sailors.

Thermal vision

The use of thermal imaging technology nowadays covers various areas. It helps the military to locate police and other special mission commanders as well as hunters in commanding targets where ordinary night vision equipment can not work.

Daylight optics

Dedal NV produces and supplies high-quality daylight sighting poles to the military, police, sniper, sportsmen and hunters

Welcome to GunTec!

We are your Partner in Areas of night Vision ,thermal Vision and security.

Ninevia GmbH GUN-TEC is a official and exclusive distributor of Dedal NV for Germany and another EU countries.

Our company is equipped with modern computer installation system.

That allows us to carry out the delicate and precise operations as the installation of the image intensifier tube in the night vision devices and

adjustment and repair of all types of night vision technik.

We are official partners of the French-Dutch manufacturer of image-intensifier tubes “Photonis”

and leader russian manufacturer of image-intensifier tubes Gen.III ( also in green and  black/white) OAO Katod.

Photonis night vision


This demonstrator is a product simulator made to help you comparing each product from our portfolio with different situations, options and light conditions.
It has been done to be as accurate as possible with gap of performance between tubes and the level of detail you could get using them on field.

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