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Night front attachment for day time rifle scope Dedal-542


Wide range of application


  • Hunting

  • Night surveillance

  • Night photo / video


  • Installed night vision riflescope attachment

  • Dedal-542 in front of a daytime sight does not

affect the latter’s zeroing

  • Keeps all capacities of a day riflescope intact

  • Gen II+, III or XR-5 image intensifier tube

  • Focus control

  • Manual gain control (as option)

  • Remote control

  • Specially designed night time fast optics

  • High quality image in the entire field of view

  • Built-in high-power IR illuminator

  • Waterproof

  • Low power consumption

  • Compact

  • Lightweight

Dedal-542 can be delivererd with the follow IIT: XD-4, XD-4 Onyx (black/white), XR-5 and XR-5 Onyx (black/white) from Photonis.

Or Gen. III from Katod.


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