Gun Tec

Ninevia GmbH Gun-Tec

We are european leader in manufacturing the profesional night vision and thermal vision equipments

Ninevia GmbH was founded in 1997 as official and exclusive Dedal NV ( representative in Germany.

Since then we have extended our dealer’s net on Austria and other 10 EU countries and the EU technical service partners rights for Dedal NV, Transkrypt, IWT have become.

It allows the abilities of our company to deliver our produts to police and law enforcement of different countries and to fulfil the high requirements of the hunters, sportsmen, tourist and yachtsmen. 

Our company is equipped with high precision installation devices. This leaves us fine and exact operations,for example, the installation of the image-intensifier tube in the night vision device to carry out adjustment and repair all kind.

Thereby we have received a certificate of Dedal NV in which our certified mounting and repair were distinguished by night view technology.

We are ofizielle business partners of french-holland manufacturer of image-intensifier tubes “Photonis”