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Night front attachments

Night attachments for day optical devices

Different applications

The scheme of mounting night vision attachment in front of the objective lens of the day rifle scope

(the third way) meets professional requirements at the best. In comparison with the previous devices, the

use of night vision objective lens of high aperture in the attachments makes it possible to avoid losses

of light. The attachments Dedal-541, -542, -543, -580 are mounted in front of the rifl escope on special

weaver mount on the rifl e. Low weight of the attachments Dedal-541, -542, -543 permits to mount

them exactly on the objective lens of a day rifl escope through the annular clip adaptor. The scheme

that uses night attachments provides better image, greater range of observation and recognition in

comparison with the universal devices day/night and night vision devices behind the eyepiece of a

day rifl escope. Night attachments incommutably provide zero point of hit, preserve all the tactical

possibilities of the day rifl escope, habitual eye relief, small height of optical axis of the device from the

bore line. All this signifi cantly raises convenience of use of night attachments as a whole.


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