Gun Tec



Several years ago our engineers were challenged with a special task to provide accurate sniper shooting from high calibre (12.7mm) rifles. As a result, we developed a complete line of sniper riflescopes, which became a starting point for the civilian DH series. These riflescopes were developed on the basis of many years of successful night vision design and thorough research in the field of tactical daytime optics. This R&D work followed by practical trials together with hunt and sniper weapon manufacturers lead to mass production of the exemplary equipment.

Distinguishing features of our riflescopes are:

  • High angular resolution across the entire field of view, distortion free;
  • High light transmission and exact colour rendering;
  • Wide field of view;
  • Long eye relief (over 90 mm);
  • High magnification (from 4x to 7x);
  • Precise adjustment mechanism with wide range over 115 MoA;
  • Zero-stop feature with fewer full rotations in the whole range;
  • Dust and moisture proofness (IP67).

Based on operational experience and snipers’ recommendations, we equipped the standard Mil-Dot reticle with additional vertical and horizontal marks with 0.2 t.d. (mrad) between them. These marks allow for more accurate distance measurement and improve the accuracy of long-range shooting. The daytime riflescopes are equipped with a digital electronic module that highlights the reticle (seven levels of brightness). This electronics also includes battery discharge indication and automatic shutoff function. Another electronic feature is a built-in anti-cant level. This feature provides accurate shooting where the horizon is blocked by an obstacle, for example, in mountainous areas.

Our technologies allow for operating our devices with confidence in a wide temperature range (from -50°C to +50°C). The bodies and mechanisms are made of high-strength alloys. The riflescopes passed endurance tests on high-calibre weapons (.338LM, .50BMG), including tests with clip-on attachments, which were fixed to the riflescope bodies directly. The finest technical specifications of our riflescopes lead to them being acknowledged not only by hunters and police officers, but also in worldwide competitions like F-class, IPSC, and others as superior winning equipment.

DH 1-7×24

DH 3-12×50

DH 5-20×56