Gun Tec


Night attachment for daylight devices and photo video cameras

Dedal-555 is an afocal night vision device designed to be mounted in front of a daytime optical device (weapon scope or surveillance optical device) for purposes such as:


– night hunting;

– night surveillance;

– night patrolling and objects protection

– law enforcement.

Dedal-555 incorporates Image Intensifier Tube that belongs to generation  3 , which provides multiple times of light amplification in visible and close infrared zones of light spectrum.


  • Installation of Dedal-555 in front of a day riflescope on a weapon does not affect the latter’s zeroing
  • All daytime riflescope’s tactical capabilities are preserved
  • Special high-contrast fast optics
  • Large exit pupil
  • Internal focusing of the objective lens (from 10 meters to infinity)
  • High image quality through the entire field of view
  • Image Intensifier Tube of 2+, 3 (Russian made) or XR-5 (Photonis French-Dutch made) generations
  • Correction mechanism of Middle Impact Point (MIP)
  • Built-in powerful eyesafe infrared illuminator
  • Hermetically sealed
  • Compact
  • Lightweight