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JSC Dedal NV

One leader in area of proffesional night vision and thermal vison sistems.

About Dedal-NV



In 1991 a small group of young Russian engineers developed the first night vision device under the brand name Dedal.

The success of the first model on the Russian market was so amazing that the founding members of Dedal set a mission to extent the model range and research department.

Due to the following expansion of Russian high-tech science-intensive technologies, Dedal has been supplying Night Vision and Optical products to the European and North American commercial and law enforcement markets.

After 20 years of hard but fruitful work Dedal-NV has turned from a research lab into a leading manufacturer of precision optics with hundreds of employees. Its capacities are able to supply law-enforcement bodies of different countries and meet the requirements of hunters, sportsmen, tourists and sailors.

The companyís own production work includes almost complete technological cycle: mechanic, optical, electronic; an assembly shop and quality control department with all the necessary certified adjusting and metrological equipment.

Today the company specializes in developing and production of highly competitive professional devices basing on the most modern image intensifier tubes (IIT) Gen 2+ and Gen 3.

Among the key factors that make the devices of JSC Dedal-NV competitive are:

– original scientific approach to development and production of the elements of extremely high-aperture night optics;

– wide range of new hi-tech materials provides small weight and impact resistance;

– use our original electronic schemes to assure the best possibilities for devices;

– the design of devices and their parts satisfy international military standards;

– a very strict original test of our products for better quality assurance carried out by our quality control department.


Dedal-NV manufactures a selection of more than 20 different optic systems:

– night vision devices;

– night vision riflescopes;

– day/night systems;

– day riflescopes;

– Intensified Camera Unit for under-cover video recording at night.

All day and night scopes can be mounted on different types of arms and have no limits in use of large calibers up to .338 Lapua Magnum and .50 BMG.

Outstanding characteristics of Dedal-NV products are not only confirmed by the companyís victories in international tenders in competitive struggle along with the European and Asian developers and manufactures of military and double-purpose products. But for the recent years counter terrorist sniper teams of police departments and VIP protection services using Dedal-NV precision optics hold dominating and leading positions at international sniper competitions in long-range night shooting.

Exporting more than 80% of its production, Dedal-NV supplies reliable after-sale service of all the products. The customers can always get technical support from our team of highly trained product specialists or apply to one of our service centers.

Here at Dedal-NV, we strive to produce modern and innovative precision optics that will make it possible to meet any requirements of our customers.